Customized multiphysics solver OpenFOAM along with range of components and features supported by intuitive graphical user interface and best practices guidance make adopting OpenFOAM reliable, faster and cost effective…

Geometry Import & 3D Visualizationn

Importing CAD files in various formats is supported along with easy merging and splitting. Users can create basic shapes within the environment. 3D graphics with variety of capabilities makes it easy to visualize the geometry data.

Easy HPC Integration

HPC plugin enables easy integration for remote job submission. Seamless parallelization is supported for Linux as well as Windows. Simulation management features like pause-restart & modify simulation inputs without stopping, even in case of HPC jobs, boost the productivity of CFD engineers.

Smart Meshing

Meshing strategy is designed and automated for specific class of problems by tuning the various inputs to the SnappyHexMesher. Thus, user is required to specify minimal inputs for creating the mesh. Alternately, for expert CFD engineers, all the features and controls of SnappyHexMesher are made available via intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface. The 3D graphics also supports visualization of mesh along with quality parameters. Other features like “mesh to STL”, mesh scaling and renumbering as well as importing mesh from other CFD tools make meshing in OpenFOAM very efficient.

Customized & validated multiphysics Solver

Tridiagonal customizes OpenFOAM as per customer requirements to support cross compatible physics. The solver is regularly tested and validated to ensure its robustness and reliability. Intuitive graphical user interface with optimized default values makes case set up easier, faster and accurate. Real time monitoring and residuals makes it convenient to track the progress of the simulation. Other useful features improve the usability of OpenFOAM like ensuring boundary conditions compatibility, patching and interpolation of initial conditions and more.

CFD centric Post Processing


A light weight OpenFOAM centric post processing engine is developed which provides all the typical features required by the CFD engineers like easy creation of contours, vectors, pathlines & custom fields etc, reporting average vales over planes & boundary surfaces, ability to create line plots, CSV export & animations, saving views and state for comparative study of multiple designs, and exporting results for other post processors.

Utility Features for Enhanced Usability

Usability of OpenFOAM and overall productivity can be further improved by using several utility features developed by the Tridiagonal like tab wise guided work-flow, optimized default settings which are sufficient in most cases, advanced settings for expert users, user authorization through licensing, inputs validation before submitting the simulation, materials library, simulation activity management allowing easy sharing and reuse of simulation case & data and many more.

If you are interested in evaluating our ready to deploy components OR would like to know more about OpenFOAM® usage & customization, please contact us.

Note: None of the OPENFOAM® related solutions/products offered by Tridiagonal are approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Ltd. (ESI Group). OpenCFD Ltd. is the producer of the OpenFOAM® software & owner of the OPENFOAM® & OpenCFD® trademarks.