One should consider OpenFOAM®?

OpenFOAM® as CFD Solver is gaining a lot of interest and adoption across industries for CFD analysis due to

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Scales up really well with number of processors
  • It is customizable


Are some of the challenges?
  • Validation, best practices and confidence with the results
  • Lots of syntax learning before contribution starts
  • Deployment beyond CFD experts and developers due to lack of intuitive graphical user interface and the need to write solvers/utilities for all basic requirements


Adopting OpenFOAM® can be easy?
  • Whether it can be robust, versatile and reliable?
  • Whether it can be easy to Learn, Adopt, Deploy, Use and Put to Practice?

Absolutely, with Tridiagonal’s proven experience, expertise, and the set of technologies.


Tridiagonal’s mission is to expand the CFD adoption enterprise wide, beyond the CFD practiners. Tridiagonal helps its clients to optimally deploy commercial as well as opensource CFD solvers, in a generic way for practioners as well as in a customized & automated manner to handle specific class of industry problems, in a such way that even design engineers, application engineers and sales executives can harness the power of CFD.

In this endeavor, Tridiagonal has developed a CFD solver, smartFOAM, which is Enhanced, Robust, Reliable and Integrated OpenFOAM®. It is a unified master solver that can handle multiple physics i.e. Flow, MRF, Porous Media, Heat Transfer, Species Transport and VOF/EL. Such a versatile and validated OpenFOAM® solver is not available elsewhere.

smartcfd is a bundle of smartFOAM, intuitive graphical user interface along with 3D graphics assistance and lots of other utilities which makes deploying and adopting CFD very easy.

If you are interested in evaluating our ready to deploy components OR would like to know more about OpenFOAM® usage & customization, please contact us.

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Note: None of the OPENFOAM® related solutions/products offered by Tridiagonal are approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Ltd. (ESI Group). OpenCFD Ltd. is the producer of the OpenFOAM® software & owner of the OPENFOAM® & OpenCFD® trademarks.


We started OpenFOAM deployment with Tridiagonal's support 4 years back. Cross compatible OpenFOAM solver developed by them is very solid. Tridiagonal further developed and customized the solver for specific Physics we wanted. We are very satisfied with their expertise as well as the support in our journey of adopting OpenFOAM. Overall, this has helped us double up our CFD capacity at half the price.


We recommend Tridiagonal Solutions for their OpenFOAM expertise and customer focused services. We are using their OpenFOAM related technologies for more than 5 years now and we are very happy with their services.